About Us

Who is behind Allegro Affiliates?

Who are we?

The founders of Allegro Affiliates are a varied group with extremely varied strengths and experiences. We have an entrepeneur who has started, run, grown and monetized over a dozen highly successful internet ventures in a collection of niches and industries. We have a former internet gaming operator with a great deal of experience in igaming affiliate marketing. We have a graphic designer with a specialty on banner design, and finally, we have a former affiliate, blogger and affiliate manager. These people, with their combined talents and expertise make up Allegro Affiliates.

Why Allegro Affiliates? What is the goal?

"Why Allegro Affiliates?" What a question. When the idea for Allegro Affiliates first came about, all of the founders were in the process of winding up various projects that they had been working on. They took the time to sit down and discuss their various ventures. While creating a new project was not a goal, they came to a glaring realization, they all had had similar marketing experiences with their various projects. Finding an affiliate network was an easy task regardless of the niche. You can throw a virtual rock blindfolded and hit one. None, however, were elite. Each either felt so small and self contained that they were not conducive to advertisers. or they had grown so massive that they were sacrificing quality. There needed to be a program that focused on promoting merchants offers that were highly competitive, and willing to pay for the best quality traffic. The same program also needed to have a vision for its affiliates. Getting affiliates to join a program is easy. Just offer them something amazing. While that is a necessity, there needs to be a follow up step. There needs to be monitoring that ensures that the affiliates are actually producing. The creative collective had all seen the ads promoting programs with thousands of affiliates, but none have been active, or the few that were did very little. Keep the good affiliates and close the bad. That is our goal. So that is why create Allegro Affiliates, to complete the goal of pairing top notch offers with elite programs.

What is the future of Allegro Affiliates?

The future of Allegro Affiliates is growth. There is a desire among the internet operators of the world for a better affiliate option. Running your own program is meant to simplify your marketing efforts, but ask anybody who does it and they will say otherwise. Buying media and clicks is easy, but can be very hit-and-miss. What does that leave, trolling blogs, begging sites to place your banner, affiliate programs that will never deliver? Allegro Affiliates will grow because it is none of those things. Allegro Affiliates will grow because it fills a need. The future of Allegro Affiliates is the home of the elite affiliate.