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What is Allegro Affiliates looking for in an affiliate?

If you have been doing this for a long time then you know that affiliates are like clothes. Each is a different size, and style and what fits one will not fit another. Some affiliates are like the pants you find at the bottom of a clearance bin with holes and one leg shorter than the other, while others are like the pants you find in a high end shop that are perfect the first time you try them on. Those are the affiliates that we are looking for. We want the affiliates that are way above average. If you are putting our merchants on your web site, we want to see your site. How is it built, how is it coded, how does it rank? We want to see what your visitors see. If you run a mailing list, where are the contacts from? What are the demographics? How has the list been cleaned? How else have the lists been used? When we look at a potential affiliate, we want to know as much as we can because we don't want those pants with the short leg, or the pair that fit "OK". We want those perfect pants.

I think I fit into what Allegro Affiliates is looking for, Now what?

If you feel like you are among the best and think that we will agree, then it is time to take action. You can either click here to be redirected to our affiliate application page, or fill out a contact request by clicking contact us at the top of this page and sending us all of your pertinent information in that way. Both process will result in us looking over the provided information and making contact either for more information, or with a decision. In either case, know that we greatly appreciate every person who makes contact with us and look forward to speaking with you, even if we are not ready to accept you as an affiliate.

Yay, I am an affiliate!!! Now what?

More than likely you are already fairly competent with the overall concept and function of an affiliate interface and what is specific to us you can figure out fairly quickly. If not, or if you just want a quick overview, check out the tutorial videos by clicking on the video link. It is a walkthrough of our system that should help you with getting acquainted with us. In either case, everything that you need to begin promotion is already there. If there is more information that you may need or want, simply contact your affiliate manager either on Skype, email, or with an online ticket and they will do everything possible to provide you with what you need.

What is Allegro Affiliates expecting of me?

Allegro Affiliates expects you to generate, and continue generating quality traffic. That means we expect you to generate quality players on a consistent basis. Now we understand that some months are better than others. Everything from geographic current events to the weather affects how people spend their time and money. As a result, not every month will be better than the last or an amazing month. That being said, any affiliate manager can tell the difference between active promotion and passive earning. If you are just sitting back and collecting revenue from the players that you have generated, you will earn differently than an affiliate who is actively generating new business. We will not cut you off as you have legitimately created that traffic, but we will not pay you top tier for it either. How payment is handled and what specifically is expected from our affiliates is addressed in our affiliate terms and conditions.

What can I expect from Allegro Affiliates?

It is obvious that we demand nothing but the best from our affiliates. It is only fair that you demand the same from us. You demand timely responses to your questions, contacts and concerns. Allegro affiliates Promises it. You demand information that is accurate and as up to date as it possibly can be. We deliver it. You demand offers that convert and are worth the space on your page. We agree. More than anything, you demand timely payment and we Guarantee it. If at any time you feel like those demands are not being met, we advise you to contact our program director at program director by clicking on the link or at d.brabson at

Who does Allegro Affiliates Represent?

Our goal is to provide affiliates with only the best merchants to promote. We are constantly looking for new merchants with innovative and exciting products to provide you so that you can make the most money possible. These are the merchants that can be found on our program currently Click on any of the names for more information:

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