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Ballet Bingo is where the world has been going to play bingo online for nearly a decade. They have some of the best bingo games available and an extremely active community that is communicative and live. One of the things that makes bingo so popular in comparison to other gaming styles is the social format of the game. People enjoy talking and discussing while they play and Bingo provides that medium. People engaged in conversation play more and deposit more making it more profitable. Bingo players are also more loyal to specific brands than traditional casino style players because of the relationships developed with the other players. In all, online bingo could be an affiliates best friend, and is among the best.

Those affiliates looking to market BalletBingo should know a few things about the site and bingo in general. For online bingo, the target demographic is women between the ages of 35 and 55 with older players spending more than the younger players. The target demographic has a pretty strong margin as well. 65% of the players are women with only 35% being men. Women also spend 30 to 40 percent more than men of the same age demographic. Again, the social nature of the game lends itself better to women who are generally more conversational and patient, where men prefer games with less personal interaction and more instant gratification. Because of this, it is likely that while Ballet Bingo will be successful on sites that are strictly casino or bingo in nature, they will likely have the most success on sites about traditionally female hobbies such as crafts, cooking and housekeeping. Other high ranking keywords would be pharmaceuticals, beauty and health care.

Ballet Bingo is primarily a bingo site, but they do offer a very unique set of in house slots. While you will likely never see a netent or other 3rd party slot machine there, there are plenty of great slot games. These games are important because the change of pace from bingo to slots, another traditionally female game that fits well with the demographic, keeps the players playing longer and spending. While the slot machines are a benefit, the primary focus of Ballet Bingo are the bingo rooms. By targeting Bingo players, rather than slots players, affiliates will see a much stronger return and better quality players.

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