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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of products or services though partnerships on the most basic level. A merchant, such as yourself, agrees to pay an affiliate a set amount for creating new business. From a merchant's perspective, it is a very low risk endeavor as you only pay for traffic generated, unlike television or radio which charges you the same no matter what the actual results are.

Where did affiliate marketing come from?

Please let me give you a bit of background. In the .com boom and subsequent bust of the '90s, people realized what the internet could be. They were ready for it to be the new marketplace, but were not fully aware of how to promote it, so the traditional forms of marketing were paired with the new marketplace as an afterthought. Everyone will remember that every T.V. commercial had a website mentioned at the end of it and there was always that person in the room that said "Wow, everybody has a .com now". That person didn't understand the enormous shift that was taking place. After the bust, the internet became more than a marketplace, it became a hub for shared knowledge. The generation that had grown up with computers began putting their knowledge and interests up for the world to share and the internet grew. Then, like everything great, advertisers had to get involved (it is just what we do) and we started paying people to put our products on their pages. Affiliate marketing was born.

Is affiliate marketing a fad?

Now over 20 years into this, affiliate marketing is definitely not a fad. The affiliates who are good at it make a very comfortable living doing it and the merchants who use it often consider it their primary advertising format for their online business. It is utilized in some way by nearly every major company that operates online. Even household names like have very effective affiliate marketing programs. Ever go to a website and see an amazon ad promoting something that you were looking at shortly before? That is an amazon affiliate.

How do you begin marketing with affiliate marketing?

That is very simple. You need to find an affiliate program that fits you. While we hope that Allegro Affiliates is that program, it may not be for you. Just like we promise our merchants the best affiliates, we promise our affiliates high quality merchants. Nobody wins if we go through everything involved with getting you set-up in our system and then the offer is not compatible or is not right for the affiliates. We would rather show you and the affiliates the respect of saying no, then make promises of grandeur that we can not deliver on. Contact us. Let's have a conversation about what is important to you and what we can do to help. Even if we can't help, we might be able to tell you who can. We have been at this a long time and now a lot of people. If you are ready to see what we can do to help, click here to provide us with some basic information to get the conversation started.

Is Allegro Affiliates Credible?

It is easy to say yes to this question, but words are just words. Instead, we proudly present you with our accreditations:

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