U.K. Regulations and Compliance

Please read this page if you promote igaming in the United Kingdom

U.K. Regulations

Online Gaming in the United Kingdom become regulated, like so many other markets. These regulations required licensing of all casinos, and are regularly being updated to ensure that the regulations are effectively maintaining play environments that are considered safe, and transparant. Some of these regulations are driven by player complaints. As a general rule, these complaints seem mostly to do with marketing efforts and the use of words like "free" that have hidden qualifying factors. It is for this reason that the owners of Megascratch.com and MrMega.com have provided Allegro Affiliates with some of the relevant guidelines, as well as the documentation provided by the U.K. regulatory bodies. I encourage all affiliates who promote online gaming in the United Kingdom to take a few moments to read over these documents in order to make sure that you are not in violation.

Here are the section that have been identified as specific areas of concern. It has been copied word-for-word in order to ensure that nothing is lost:

  1. Deposit bonuses and 'free' spins
    1. Relevant info can be found in the help note issued by CAP and BCAP. Please give close attention to paragraph 5 titled "Misleadingness: 'free bets'" – pages 11-13 – Attached
    2. LCCP code of practice provision 5, in particular provision 5.1 which makes restrictions on how the benefit (bonus) may be calculated – Attached provision 5 only. Highlights marked in Yellow.
    3. Guide to gambling advertising codes, which lists all the applicable codes of conduct.
  2. Total presentation of the welcome package
    1. Advertisements must comply with the CAP code specifically with section 16 (BCAP relates to section 17) in regard of gambling. Special attention must be paid to the attached help note, which provides guidance to certain provisions of the CAP – Attached.
  3. Promotions and raffles
    1. Any promotion according to which prizes are allotted by chance to participants is at risk of being classified as a lottery, and its organiser can be liable to criminal sanctions. It is therefore recommended each such promotion is first advised with us. A quick guide on running lotteries is attached.
  4. SMS and Email marketing
    1. Please find attached ICO direct marketing guidance, checklist and ICO guide to privacy and electronic communications. Generally, text messages (SMS, emails or other types of electronically transmitted messages) require prior consent as well as the ability to opt-out.
      1. ICO – Direct marketing checklist - Attached
      2. ICO – Direct marketing guidance - Marketing text & emails pages 28-32 – Attached.
    2. All advertising by emails and SMS must comply with the CAP and LCCP requirements (above). In particular, please note section 2 of the CAP- which requires marketing communications to be recognised as such.
  5. Direct marketing (offline)
    1. Please see the above mentioned ICO direct marketing guidance, page 34, for a general overview of direct mail marketing.
    2. All mails must comply with the CAP and LCCP requirements.
  6. Please note that the above is not an exhaustive list of the Applicable Regulation applies on you and the marketing methods being used by you in the British market. As mentioned above and in the commercial agreement between you and AG, you bear all responsibility in connection with your marketing in the British market and must ensure that it's being done in full compliance with the Applicable Regulation, as amended from time to time.

Responsibilites for compliance are outlined as follows: The responsibility will fall on the merchant to maintain all legal requirements pursuant to UK regulations on their site and with regards to any creatives provided to Allegro Affiliates for promotion. It will be the responsibility of the affiliate to use those creatives responsibly, and to ensure that all materials on their own site meet the guidelines set forth by all U.K. regulatory bodies. It is for this reason that Allegro Affiliates is asking that all current and future marketing efforts that are pointed at the U.K. markets, be submitted for approval before going live for promotion. This allows us to give our merchants full confidence that we are not creating any regulatory concerns by promoting their brands.

These guidelines are also being added to the affiliate terms and conditions. Be sure to read Appendix B for the full disclosure of responsibilities.

the following documents are provided the the regulatory bodies and are for informational purposes. Please take the time to look them over as they define the compliance requirements for U.K. Promotion.